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The curriculum is presented in six subject areas. These are

  • Language (Gaeilge and English )
  • Mathematics, Social
  • Environmental and Scientific Education ( History, Geography and Science )
  • Arts Education ( Visual Arts, Music and Drama )
  • Social, Personal and Health Education
  • Religious Education (S.P.H.E)

Some of which are further sub-divided into subjects;

  1. English: The English curriculum is structured to offer children a total language experience in which oral language, reading and writing are fully integrated.
  2. An Ghaeilge: Cumarsáid agus usáid na teanga mar theanga bheo an ghnè is suntasai den churaclam Gaeilge
  3. Mathematics: The five strands in the mathematics curriculum are number, algebra, shape and space, measures and data.
  4. Science: The four strands of the curriculum are living things, energy and forces, materials and environmental awareness.
  5. History: Emphasis on local history and a focus on the skills of the historian.
  6. Geography: The three strands are human environments, natural environments and environmental awareness and care.
  7. Music: The three strands are listening/responding, performing and composing.
  8. Visual Arts: The six strands are drawing, paint, print, clay, construction, fabric and fibre.
  9. Drama: The three strand units are exploring and making drama, reflecting on drama and co-operating and communicating in making drama.
  10. Physical Education: Physical education is viewed as highly important in our school and each teacher provides a varied range of physical activities in accordance with the facilities in the school. The school also avails of outside professional coaches and facilities as circumstances arise. The services of the local Arts Council are availed of where possible. The local swimming pool is availed of for swimming instruction.
  11. Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE): SPHE takes place in a number of ways in the school and the involvement of parents at all stages of the programme is essential for its effectiveness.

Children learn through experiencing a positive school climate and atmosphere and by exploring aspects of the curriculum through relevant subject areas.

It includes RSE (Relationships and Sexuality Education), Stay Safe and the Substance Abuse Prevention Programme.
The RSE programme will be drawn up by a committee comprising of representatives of parents, teachers and the Board of Management.

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