Healthy Parent/Teacher communication plays a very important role in the education of your child. The school communicates with parents informally at the beginning and end of the school day. There will be a formal parent/teacher meeting during the school term after Christmas. Other appointments may be made on the request of parents or teachers. Urgent messages (emergency school closures, etc) may also be sent by text. If you are concerned about any issue pertaining to your child’s development or welfare at school, please speak directly to your child’s teacher. All staff members are committed to promoting good positive relationships with parents and working together with them as true partners in education.

As you can imagine the school office is a very busy place. Unfortunately we cannot always answer the telephone or respond to messages immediately. The secretary is in the office Monday-Friday between the hours of 10a.m.-1p.m. This is the best time to call, if you require immediate service/attention. The principal is a teaching principal, unfortunately, due to class duties, it is not always possible for him to answer the telephone during these hours. We ask for your patience and understanding, we are always happy to be as helpful as possible in all situations pertaining to school business.

There is no need to call the school if your child is absent (unless you need to report a contagious illness. Measles, etc) however we will need a note on their return to school. There is a supply of absence notes on the website.

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